Gifts for Your Favorite Teacher or Professor

Gifts for Your Favorite Teacher or Professor_Scripted Fragrance

In the whirlwind of classes, homework, and extracurriculars there are always those standout teachers who leave a lasting impression. These educators go beyond imparting academic knowledge, they become mentors and inspirations as we navigate the journey towards the next phase in our lives. Thoughtfully created to evoke thoughtfulness and nostalgia, Scripted Fragrance candles serve as a heartfelt expression of gratitude for everything our teachers do.

Virginia State Candle Reusable Rocks Glass_Scripted Fragrance

City & State Candles
For the teacher who exudes pride for their home or college town, browse our City and State Candle Collections. With scents for every state and major city, they can display their support for their favorite place in the classroom or at home.

Relaxation Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Relaxation Soy Candle
As the semester winds down, your favorite professor has earned some well-deserved relaxation. Acknowledge their hard work with the Relaxation Soy Candle. Its herbal blend of soothing lavender, sweet chamomile, and sun-drenched sandalwood creates a calming ambiance for their moments of self-care.

Winter Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Winter Seasonal Soy Candle
For the teacher whose classroom is on theme with each holiday, the Winter Seasonal Soy Candle adds to their curated ambiance. Its fragrance is of a rich cypress and moss blend with notes of sweet bayberry and a dash of patchouli, which will contribute to their winter celebration. 

Coffee Lover Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Coffee Lovers Candle
When one cup is never enough for this professor, our Coffee Lover Candle makes for an energizing gift. Boasting a fragrance of freshly ground beans with a touch of farm fresh cream and sweet cane sugar, this candle offers a delightful boost for those late-night grading sessions.

Book Lover Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Book Lovers Candle
For educators who share a passion for reading, the Book Lovers Candle sets the perfect literary mood. The alluring blend of rich musk, sandalwood, and leather book binding with delicate notes of jasmine creates the perfect reading atmosphere for the next time they’re lost between the pages.

Candle Gift Set_Personalized Gift Set

Create Your Own Mini Gift Set

If your teacher deserves some extra love this year, design your own gift set by selecting four Mini Tin candles from any of our collections. This offers you extra opportunities to show them that you care, or to remind them how they’ve impacted your life and passions. 

Celebrate your exceptional educators with these thoughtful gifts, acknowledging the profound impact they’ve had on your academic journey.