Gifts for the New College Student

Gifts for the New College Student_Scripted Fragrance

From navigating a new social scene to tackling challenging assignments and building an identity as an independent adult, the college experience encompasses a multitude of emotions and challenges. As the semester comes to a close and students return home for the holidays, Scripted Fragrance candles offer a warm welcome infused with comfort, nostalgia, and inspiration. Plus, our Reusable Rocks Glass candles can be repurposed as their new favorite drinking glass!

California State Candle_Scripted Fragrance

State Collection
For the college student missing home while they’re away, our State Collection allows them to carry a piece of it with them. Each candle has an individual and distinct fragrance capturing the unique geography, people, and culture of the location, or to celebrate their new university.

Los Angeles Candle_Scripted Fragrance

City Collection
For the student craving the full experience in their new city, our City Collection celebrates the most beloved skylines and regional landscapes with individual scents that represent the best qualities of their new home.

Dachshund Gift Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Pet Collection
Leaving a pet behind can be challenging, especially when the reunion can be weeks or months away. Our Pet Collection ensures that your college student can carry the spirit of their furry friend back to school with a candle fragrance inspired by their pet’s unique personality.

Mindfulness Candle_Meditation & Wellness_Scripted Fragrance

Mindfulness Wellness Meditation Soy Candle
Though college years are loaded with stress and deadlines, this fleeting time in life will fly by. Encourage your new student to find moments of serenity with our Mindfulness Wellness Meditation Soy Candle. Its sweet and deep blend of bright mandarin, rich cedar, delicate jasmine, and bold amber serves as a soothing reminder to pause and savor the moment.

Coffee Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Coffee Lovers Soy Candle
For long nights and challenging assignments, our Coffee Lovers Soy Candle can help provide the necessary boost your favorite college student needs to get through finals. Its fragrant notes of freshly ground beans with a touch of farm fresh cream and sweet cane sugar offers the ideal pick-me-up without the jitters.

Candle Gift Set_Create Your Own_Scripted Fragrance

Create Your Own Gift Set

If you can’t choose which candle to gift the new college student in your life, our Reusable Rocks Glass Gift Set is an excellent option. Select four soy candles from any of our collections to help them hold space for all of the things, places, and pets they love!

As students unwind during the holidays, Scripted Fragrance candles create an atmosphere that combines the familiar and the new, providing the support they need to be at their best next semester.