Embrace the Beauty of Autumn with Our Seasonal Collection

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What is it about autumn that makes it so irresistibly alluring? Is it the subtle change in the air, the growing anticipation of impending holidays or perhaps the ephemeral colors of leaves we feel compelled to cherish while they last? The fall season brings precious moments that are meant to be savored and time to express gratitude for the simple pleasures in life. 

At Scripted Fragrance, we’ve crafted our Autumn Collection of seasonal candles to encapsulate and preserve those feelings in an inviting atmosphere. Whether you want your home decor to amplify the magic of autumn or offer a glimpse of the outdoors from your living room, our fall candles are here to transport you to the serenity of cool air and the joy of togetherness.

Each candle in the Autumn Collection is adorned with gold colored printed leaves in a beautiful reusable glass. When each candle is finished burning it can live a second life as a Rocks Glass or piece of fall decor.

Country Orchard Candle

Close your eyes and imagine a sunny day, the cool wind in your hair and the sound of crunchy leaves beneath your feet. In the distance, laughter of small children mingles with the scent of spiced cocktails and the warmth of ignited fire pits. Orchard picking is a quintessential part of autumn memories for the entire family. Whether it was for an elementary school field trip or a leisurely day out with loved ones, the contentment of an apple orchard is universal. Our Country Orchard Candle’s fragrance is full of fall favorites: fresh based apples infused with maple bourbon and orange peel to take you back to those joyful afternoons.

Blue Ribbon Pumpkin Candle

From their rich, warm hues to their delightful scents, pumpkins embody the essence of tradition, togetherness and fun. A homemade pumpkin pie graces dessert tables, the aroma of freshly baked pumpkin spice bread fills the house and vibrant orange hues adorn a holiday centerpiece. Our Blue Ribbon Pumpkin Candle's seasonal scents will transport you back to those good times with autumn fragrances of ripe pumpkin, spicy cinnamon and rich vanilla.

Harvest Bouquet Candle

Peak leaf season feels like a treasured moment in time. Nature gives us a final burst of color, a glorious crescendo to the year before it takes a winter’s rest. Even though the fleeting beauty of this perfect time will transform into winter, the desire to hold onto that feeling remains. Our Harvest Bouquet Candle’s notes of bright citrus, autumn spices and deep musk emulate the magic of walking amongst the leaves, even after they’ve found their way into the ground.


Sipping Cider Candle

When the crisp autumn air sets in, we reach for spiced cider to warm our hearts and homes. A hot drink of autumn spices wraps us in comfort like cozy sweaters whether we're wandering a holiday market or sitting by the crackling fire after a long day. Our Sipping Cider Candle offers an aromatic mix of warm and juicy apple cider, ripe fruits and a hint of refreshing eucalyptus to create a warm and soothing atmosphere in any room it’s placed. 

Each candle in our Autumn Collection embraces the essence of autumn and transports us to a place where warmth, tradition and togetherness prevail. Let the scents of the season envelop you, creating a space of nostalgia, serenity and gratitude.