Gifts for Friends Who Enjoy Cozy Nights In

Gifts for Friends Who Enjoy Cozy Nights In |Scripted Fragrance

Whether they’re introverted souls or they simply adore a quiet evening, we all have friends who are experts at creating the perfect setting for a relaxing night in. They know how to kindle a crackling fire, where to find the coziest blankets or how to precisely brew the best steaming cup of hot chocolate. For the rest of us, amplifying their romanticized cozy nights is entirely possible—all it takes is a few thoughtful details to show that you know how they love to relax, recharge and find some inner peace, especially during the hectic holiday season.

Brilliant Fire Soy Candle | Scripted Fragrance

Brilliant Fire Candle

This one’s for the friend whose “Recently Watched” Netflix category is adorned with fireplace videos. Our Brilliant Fire Candle’s notes of cozy fireplace blended with a hint of crisp Arctic air will bring their dreams of fireside relaxation to vivid life.

 Book Lover Candle Gift | Scripted Fragrance

Book Lover Candle

For the friend who loses themselves amidst the scent of old books and the promise of a new literary adventure, our Book Lover Candle is an ideal gift. Its notes of rich musk, sandalwood and leather book binding create the perfect way to show your love, even when they’re in their own world.

Winter Soy Candle | Scripted Fragrance

Winter Candle

Sometimes, winter nights make it simply too cold to venture outside, but that doesn’t mean anyone should miss out on the magic. Our Winter Candle celebrates the season with fragrances of a rich cypress and moss blend, notes of sweet bayberry and a dash of patchouli, bringing the crisp air and winter charm inside while your friend stays warm and snug.


Relaxation Soy Candle in Reusable Rocks Glass | Scripted Fragrance


Relaxation Candle

Some nights simply call for zen and tranquility. After a long day of battling holiday traffic, crowds and workloads, our Relaxation Candle’s herbal blend of soothing lavender, sweet chamomile and sun-drenched sandalwood offers the perfect herbal blend to come home and let the day fade away.

California State Candle in Reusable Rocks Glass | Scripted Fragrance

State Candle 

For the friend who holds a piece of another place dear to their heart, we offer the State Collection. This collection features candles that represent the unique geography, people and culture of each state. Whether they plan on traveling over the holidays or they feel a little homesick, our State Collection will bring them right back to that place they love.

Tell your friend to put on their fuzzy socks, grab a warm blanket and prepare for one of the best cozy nights in.