Gifts for Those That You Never Know What to Give

Gifts for Those That You Never Know What to Give_Scripted Fragrance

Every year, we encounter the same question: What do we get the person who seems impossible to shop for? Scripted Fragrance candles pair beautiful fragrances with cherished memories, making them the perfect gift for those hard-to-please people in your life. Made in a Reusable Rocks Glass, each candle is also a two-in-one gift so the fun can continue after it’s done burning.

Good Company Holiday Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Good Company Soy Candle

If your friend is always the life of the party, our Good Company Soy Candle is for them. Its fragrant notes of all the sugar and spices of the season blended with peppermint cream will transport them to sweet memories with loved ones, even on those rare quieter evenings, and remind them of cherished memories filled with joy, laughter and camaraderie.

Cat Candle in Reusable Rocks Glass_Scripted Fragrance

Pet Collection

If catching up with your friend also means receiving an update on their pet’s life, they’ll love our Pet Collection. Featuring several dog breeds, rescue animals, cats and horses, these candles celebrate our most beloved companions with scents that are inspired by each species’ unique personality, so their home can be even more full of their fur baby's love.

Dream & Journey Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Dream & Journey Soy Candle

For your goal-oriented friend, show your recognition and unwavering faith in their capabilities with our Dream & Journey Soy Candle. With notes of bold lemongrass and lush citrus steeped in green tea, this candle will add a touch of serenity while they work towards their next milestone or earn some well-deserved relaxation.

January Birth Flower Candle in Reusable Rocks Glass_Scripted Fragrance

Birth Flower Collection

As we get older, birthdays can sometimes lose their luster. Let your friend know that you remember their special day and appreciate them in your life with our Birth Flower Collection. With each candle carefully crafted to celebrate their birth month flower, this gift is more than just a gesture, it’s a heartfelt reminder of the joy they bring to the world.

Festive Garland Holiday Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Festive Garland Soy Candle

If your friend is ready to deck the halls by Halloween, our Festive Garland Soy Candle is for them. Its notes of effervescent pine and juniper coupled with candy cane will amplify their holiday spirit and show your support for their festive enthusiasm.

With these thoughtful gifts, you can bring a smile to the faces of even the most challenging people to shop for.