The Valentine’s Day Candle Gift Guide

Scripted Fragrance Valentine's Day Candle Gift Guide

Love, in its myriad of forms, weaves through the fabric of our existence and enhances our stories with hues of warmth and connection. Friendships offer support, adventure, and solace while romance ignites the flames of passion, and our beloved pets brighten our days through tail wages, contented purrs, and warm companionship. 

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the essence of love in all its forms and the profound value each type of love brings to our lives. Whatever the form, make your celebrations of love truly special this year with handcrafted candles by Scripted Fragrance. 

A Gift from Your Furry Friend: The Pet Collection
When your favorite dog or cat parent can translate each yip, meow, wiggle, and tail wag, a candle from our Pet Collection is a unique and heartwarming gift. With over 48 options to choose from, transcend language barriers and capture their pet’s pure love with the essence of their quirky and unique personalities. 

Scripted Fragrance Valentine's Day City State Candles Rhode Island Newport Narragansett

A Gift for Your Lover: City and State Collections
When seeking a gift for your partner or lover, rekindle the joy of sweet moments spent together with a candle from our City or State Collections. Inspired by the rich stories of your favorite places or travel destinations, these candles awaken an olfactory response to relive your most romantic and meaningful memories.

Gifts for Your Galentine: The Birth Flower Collection or Faith & Wings Soy Candle
Whether she radiates the vibrant energy of a summer birthday or the cozy warmth of a winter one, capture the energy your dear friends bring into your life this Galentine’s Day with a candle from our Birth Flower Collection. Or, celebrate her heart, spirit, and inspiring goals with our Faith & Wings candle. 

Scripted Fragrance Valentine's Day Create Your Own Candle Gift Set

Gifts for Everyone You Love: The Create Your Own Gift Set
Your loved ones are a dynamic and dimensional mix of personalities. Express your deep appreciation for what they love most with a custom gift set of tin candles, each one a celebration of the unique qualities that make them who they are.

This Valentine’s Day, let the warm glow of Scripted Fragrance candles illuminate your celebrations of the people in your life, creating lasting memories and fostering the spirit of love in all its beautiful forms.