Gifts for New Friendships

Gifts For New Friendships_Scripted Fragrance

There’s something undeniably special about forming new friendships as an adult. Unlike childhood friendships that often revolve around shared crayons and playground games, adult friendships can sometimes feel so much harder to achieve. 

But, when we really think about it, the reasoning behind any friendship is simple: it’s a connection of shared joy, experiences, and laughter, no matter how old we are. However you established a new friendship, Scripted Fragrance has the right gift to show your friend that you’re grateful to have them in your life.

Brilliant Fire Holiday Candle_Scripted Fragrance


Brilliant Fire Soy Candle

Whether they’re adventurous and outdoorsy or perfectly happy snuggling under a fluffy blanket, your new friend will find comfort in our Brilliant Fire Soy Candle. Its notes of cozy fireplace blended with a hint of crisp arctic air will bring them back to memories of warmth, relaxation, and contentment.

Rescue Dog Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Pet Collection

If you bonded over being pet parents, this collection is for them. Show your love for their beloved pet with a candle inspired by the unique personality of their furry friend.

Mindfulness Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Mindfulness Wellness Meditation Soy Candle

Friends who relax together, stay together, and our Mindfulness Wellness Meditation Soy Candle is the perfect gift for your yoga buddy. Its sweet and deep blend of bright mandarin, rich cedar, delicate jasmine, and bold amber will show your friend how much you care about their peace of mind.

Book Lover Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Book Lover Soy Candle

If your book club friend is always prepared at the monthly meeting, our Book Lover Soy Candle is for them. A blend of rich musk, sandalwood, and leather book binding with delicate notes of jasmine will transport them back to the excitement of finding a great adventure within the pages of their favorite book.

State Candles_Scripted Fragrance

State Collection

If your new friend is new to town or simply loves repping their beloved state, candles from our State Collection are the perfect gift. Each candle has an individual and distinct fragrance capturing the unique geography, people, and culture of the location, bringing your friend a balm for their homesickness.

Show your appreciation for the new friendships you’ve made this year with heartwarming candles from Scripted Fragrance.