Capture the Essence of the Season with our Holiday Cheers! Collection

Holiday Cheers Candle Collection_Scripted Fragrance

The holiday season is a time when we find ourselves living in two worlds that can be perfectly expressed through candles. One is a winter wonderland steeped in the rich traditions and childhood memories that have shaped our perception of the season. It is a place where enchanting melodies play, vibrant colors dazzle, and we fondly reminisce about the days when magic felt real. 

 The other world is one of conscious living in the present moment, a place where we make the holiday season special purely for the joy it brings to us and the people we hold dear. These two worlds coexist harmoniously, creating a unique and enchanting time of year that feels as though it exists just for us.

Scripted Fragrance Candles captures the essence of these two worlds, combining love and nostalgia to infuse every moment with both childlike joy and deep, fulfilling contentment. Whether you find yourself revisiting your favorite holiday memories, savoring a peaceful night at home or creating new moments with your loved ones, each high quality scented candle is thoughtfully crafted to bring the essence of the holiday season into your home.

Festive Garland Holiday Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Festive Garland Soy Candle

If your childhood holidays were spent amongst garlands and pine needles, our Festive Garland Soy Candle invites you to step back in time. It evokes vivid recollections of festive days gone by with holiday scents of effervescent pine and juniper coupled with candy cane that rekindle memories that make the season feel truly magical.

Brilliant Fire Holiday Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Brilliant Fire Soy Candle

A crackling fire is a hallmark of cold winter nights where its hypnotic dance is as relaxing as it is captivating. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet romantic evening or partaking in a night of s’mores, hot cocoa and holiday cheer, this cozy haven is infused into our cherished memories. Our Brilliant Fire Soy Candle embodies the beauty and warmth of these moments with candle scents of a cozy fireplace blended with a hint of crisp Arctic air.

Good Company Holiday Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Good Company Soy Candle

For evenings when you want to bask in the comforting cheer of your loved ones or simply savor some well deserved me-time, our Good Company Soy Candle embodies the spirit of the holiday season. This festive candle's inviting fragrance contains all the sugar and spices of the season blended with peppermint cream to ensure that every moment is wrapped in a cozy, heartwarming embrace. 

Holiday Cheers Candle Gift Set_Scripted Fragrance

Holiday Cake Soy Candle

In a kitchen dosed in flour and adorned with little helpers’ handprints, there is an undeniable joy. Our Holiday Cake Soy Candle embraces the sweetest of family traditions passed down through generations. With comforting scents of coconut cake layered with lemon and a touch of caramel, this candle is a heartfelt tribute to those messier moments created in the heart of a loving home.

This holiday season, let our Holiday Cheers Collection be your companion in creating a world where memories and moments come alive and where the magic of the holiday season is beautifully enjoyed. Don’t forget that when each candle is done burning, the reusable designed glass can be repurposed to a rocks glass! Check out our Youtube for cocktail ideas to give your candles a second life.