Gifts for your Favorite Dog Mom

Gifts for Your Favorite Dog Mom | Scripted Fragrance

Your friend’s dogs are more than pets—they’re family, they’re friends, they’re pure love wrapped in fur. And what better way to honor this love than a unique candle that not only reflects a dog’s wonderful personality but also supports a cause that is close to every dog mom’s heart?

Our Pet Candle Collection is more than just a gesture, it’s an expression of love for a furbaby and with each purchase, a portion of proceeds benefit a pet-friendly foundation so more pups can find their dog moms. We also included some other fun gift ideas for your favorite dog moms below.

Rescue Dog Soy Candle | Scripted Fragrance

The Rescue Candle

For the dog moms whose hearts are filled with compassion, our Rescue Candle is the perfect match. Its outdoorsy mix of fresh cut green grass and wildflower are perfect for the dog moms who may not know how their pup’s story started, but are determined to give their furbaby a happily ever after.

French Bulldog Soy Candle | Scripted Fragrance

French Bulldog Candle

If your favorite dog mom knows where to find her city’s French Bulldog meetup, this is the gift for her. We’ve combined the irresistible combination of playfulness and intelligence with notes of natural greens, wildflowers and cool summer air that define a Frenchie’s spirit while they capture our hearts.

Goldendoodle Soy Candle | Scripted Fragrance

Goldendoodle Candle

Goldendoodles are known for their loveable energy, and our Goldendoodle Candle embodies just that with a blend of boldness and sweetness that is a perfect representation of this dog’s vibrant spirit. Your friend can light it and let the bright ginger, aged teakwood and sun-bleached wood enhance any room, even if their furry friend is dozing after a long day at the park.

Pet Themed Candle Gifts | Scripted Fragrance

Pet Candle Collection

Scripted Fragrance has over 46 unique dog candles to choose from that each represent different breeds. If you don’t see your dog mom’s furbaby on this list, take a look at our larger collection here. We also have Cat and Horse candles for other pet lovers in your life!

Relaxation Soy Candle | Scripted Fragrance

Relaxation Candle

After running around with the pup and making sure her furbaby is extra happy, your favorite dog mom deserves to unwind, relax and find her zen. Our Relaxation Candle’s herbal blend of soothing lavender, sweet chamomile and sun-drenched sandalwood is a great way to find peace after a day of chasing her fur baby.

 State and City Candles | Scripted Fragrance

State & City Candle Collection

For the dog moms who have an insatiable wanderlust, who see every new place as an opportunity for hiking, exploring and adventure with their furry friend by their side, our City Candle Collection is a great choice. Each candle is carefully scented to represent the unique geography, people and culture of each location, allowing her to reminisce about her and her pup’s favorite places.

Lake Lover Soy Candle | Scripted Fragrance

Lake Lover Candle

For your favorite dog mom whose heart lies by the lake and where her pups revel in the joy of swimming, our Lake Lover candle is a delightful escape. Its notes of white birch, crisp cypress, flowering lavender and crackling campfire will transport her back to those cherished moments after a fantastic day in the water.

In every flicker of these candles, the receiver of your gift will remember the wagging tails, the playful barks and the unconditional love that makes being a dog mom so extraordinary.