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Beautiful candle, smelled wonderful and reflected something close to our heart. Thank you giving me a way to give a thoughtful meaningful gift.

— Debbie

My daughter is getting married in Newport so we included these perfect candles in her bridesmaids gifts:)

— Linda

Arrived quickly! Smelled amazing and super cute packaging. Gave away as a gift and receiver loved the smell as well! Thank you again!!

— Kaylin

Scent was delicious and I sent it to a friend that had to move away from Maine - and she was delighted to get it!

— Bethany

Arrived quickly and was well packaged. Perfect going away and birthday gift.

— Eileen

The candle was a gift and they loved it! Super high quality!

— Alex

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Luxury Gift Set: Meditation & Wellness Candle Set

Luxury Gift Set: Meditation & Wellness Candle Set

Introducing the Luxury Gift Set: Meditation & Wellness Candle Set – a harmonious collection meticulously curated to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. This exquisite set is your invitation to a personal sanctuary of tranquility and enlightenment, where each candle is a step on a journey towards inner peace and wellness. Celebrate Wellness with our Luxury Candles Each of the four soy candles in this set is a tribute to the pillars of a balanced life: Clarity, Hope, Mindfulness, and Relaxation. Engraved with unique 'scripted stories' on their packaging, these candles embody our wellness mantras, inviting you to meditate through the elemental dance of flame and scent. Clarity: "An open and peaceful blend that is both free and transformative paving the way for inspired vision." © Our fragrance interpretation to manifest Clarity is an elegant and soft blend of delicate sea salt, delightful jasmine, and rich tonka bean. Hope: "An optimistic and compassionate blend, embodying promise and positive thoughts." © Our fragrance interpretation is a natural and subtle mix of bright lime, clean cucumber, cut bamboo, and notes of violet. Mindfulness: "Present and commanding, a blend for heightened awareness and thoughtful focus on intention." © Our fragrance interpretation is a sweet and deep blend of bright mandarin, rich cedar, delicate jasmine, and bold amber. Relaxation: "Calming and soothing, a serene and restful blend to let the day fade away." © Our fragrance interpretation is a herbal blend of soothing lavender, sweet chamomile, and sun-drenched sandalwood. Details about our luxury candles Reusable Rocks Glass Dimensions: 3.5 in diameter, 4 in height Net Weight: 8 oz each candle Burn Time: Up to 50 hours per candle, promising extended periods of mindfulness and serenity. Hand wash only is recommended to preserve the integrity of the glasses post-use. This Luxury Gift Set: Meditation & Wellness Candle Set is more than a collection of candles; it's an embodiment of a lifestyle devoted to the pursuit of mental clarity, optimism, mindfulness, and relaxation. It's the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who treasures the art of meditation and the practice of wellness. Let this set be a guiding light towards a more balanced and fulfilled existence.

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Garden Lover Soy Candle, Petrichor Candle

Garden Lover Soy Candle, Petrichor Candle

Elevate the ambiance of any garden enthusiast's sanctuary with our Garden Lover Soy Candle, the quintessential gardening gift. Designed for those who find joy and peace in the art of gardening, this candle encapsulates the essence of a lush, well-tended garden, making it a perfect tribute to their passion. Garden Lover's Scripted Story featured on the packaging: "Where verdant leaves and blooms combine, nature's beauty in full shine. A peaceful haven, so sublime, I love a garden, it's truly divine." © Our carefully crafted fragrance is a homage to the garden's splendor, blending the sweet aromas of magnolia and freesia with the zest of bright lemon. This floral and citrus melody is grounded by the earthy scents of fresh-cut grass, rich garden soil, and the refreshing smell of petrichor after a rain. It's an olfactory journey through the garden's ever-changing landscape, capturing the essence of a dew-kissed morning and the warmth of a sunlit afternoon. What is petrichor? A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. This garden candle is available in two elegant options: A white, reusable rocks glass, adorned with a printed gold heart, symbolizing the love and care poured into every garden. Packaged in an eco-friendly gift box with modern gold foil, it's not just a candle but a decorative homage to gardening. A large gold tin, offering a portable and stylish way to bring the garden's fragrance into any space, perfect for those moments away from the soil. More About the Garden Lover Soy Candle This candle stands as a unique and thoughtful gift. This collection celebrates the passions that fill our lives with joy, with each candle offering a distinct fragrance that captures the essence of our loves. Whether as a present for a dedicated gardener, a gardening club member, or anyone who cherishes their time among plants, this candle is an invitation to pause and relish the serene beauty of a garden in bloom. Gift the Garden Lover Soy Candle to illuminate the gardener's home with the scents of their favorite place—the garden. It's more than a candle; it's a reminder of the tranquil moments spent in nature, making it the ultimate gardening gift.

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Create Your Own Gift Set |  4 Mini Gold Tin Soy Candles

Create Your Own Gift Set | 4 Mini Gold Tin Soy Candles

Craft your own unique gift experience with Scripted Fragrance's Custom Gift Boxes. Our versatile offering allows you to select four (4) enchanting soy mini gold tin candles from our extensive collection of over ten themes. Whether you wish to mix and match across our diverse range or dedicate your selection to a single theme, the possibilities are limitless. This personalized approach ensures that your gift set resonates with personal tastes and preferences, making it an ideal present for any occasion. This set includes 4 mini gold tins with modern gold foil and embossed labels. (Just like our large gold tins, but smaller!) Each gift set comes in a rigid kraft paperboard box with a gold embossed branded sticker. This set is not just a gift; it's an invitation to explore and discover new favorite scents. It's perfect for those who love to personalize their home fragrance experience or for anyone looking to explore the rich tapestry of aromas offered by Scripted Fragrance. Gift Sets Ideal for Any Occasion Whether it's a thoughtful birthday present, a unique wedding favor, or a special way to say thank you, our Custom Gift Boxes allow you to create a truly personalized gift that speaks volumes. Visit each individual candle listing for more information on the scents available, and embark on a journey of fragrance discovery that's tailored just for you or your loved one. For more information on each candle, please visit each individual candle listing.  Mini Gold Tin CandleDiameter | 2.5 inHeight | 1.5 inNet Weight | 3 ozUp to 30 hours of burn time

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