Gifts for Last-Minute Gift Givers

Gifts for Last Minute Gifts_Scripted Fragrance

As thoroughly as we plan for the holiday season, surprises have a way of sneaking in. Maybe it’s a friend who wasn’t originally going to be in town, or your boss invited you to a holiday happy hour. Whatever the change of plans may be, it’s never fun to be caught without a gift at the last minute. 

Scripted Fragrance candles are thoughtfully created to inspire thoughtfulness and nostalgia, so nobody will know that you had these candles as a last-minute gifting option. Here are a few gifts to have on hand for those “just in case” moments. 

Holiday Candle Gift Set_Scripted Fragrance

Holiday Cheers! Candle Gift Set

For last-minute invites and just-in-time gifts, our Holiday Cheers! Gift Set is the perfect luxury gift that doesn’t feel last minute at all. Our four signature holiday scents in Reusable Rocks Glasses are always a hit, no matter who the recipient is! 

  • Good Company Soy Candle: Evoke the universal joy of the holidays with notes of all the sugar and spices of the season blended with peppermint cream.
  • Festive Garland Soy Candle: With notes of effervescent pine and juniper coupled with a hint of candy cane, this is the elevated Christmas tree candle of their dreams.
  • Brilliant Fire Soy Candle: This candle creates a perfect atmosphere with notes of cozy fireplace blended with a hint of crisp Arctic air.
  • Holiday Cake Soy Candle: Celebrate sweet traditions with fragrant notes of coconut cake layered with lemon and a touch of caramel. 

Rescue Dog Candle in Reusable Rocks Glass_Scripted Fragrance

Rescue Dog Candle
Celebrate the pride of friends that live with mutts and rescues with our Rescue Dog Candle. Its outdoorsy mix of fresh cut green grass and a hint of wildflower will transport them to joyful days spent at the dog park or their own backyard.

Meditation and Wellness Candle Gifts in Reusable Rocks Glass_Scripted Fragrance

Wellness Soy Candles
In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, everyone deserves a moment of peace. Our Wellness Collection offers tranquility in these cold months with clean and refreshing blends designed to promote clarity, hope, mindfulness and relaxation. Take this gift a step further with our Meditation and Wellness Gift Set, which includes Mini Tins of all four candles in this collection. 

Prepare for surprises and spontaneous moments of joy with Scripted Fragrance candles and turn any occasion into a memorable celebration.