How to Clean Your Candle’s Reusable Rocks Glass to Create Your New Favorite Drinking Glass


How to Clean Your Reusable Rocks Glass Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Candles have an extraordinary way of adding warmth and ambiance to life’s best moments. Whether it’s a gathering with family, an intimate date night at home, or a serene solo evening, these times are unique, fleeting, and profoundly special. 

When these moments come to a close, any candle addict feels a small heartache in parting with a favorite candle's glass container, especially one that played a supporting role in their memories. But what do we do with it? Some repurposed candle jars are perfect on your coffee table with a tea light or as storage for office supplies, makeup brushes, or hair accessories. 

While many candles make great containers for everyday items, our Reusable Rocks Glasses are thoughtfully crafted to be safely repurposed as your new go-to drinking glass and continue with you in creating cherished moments. Here’s an easy way to ready them for their second life:

Step One: Before your Scripted Fragrance candle reaches its final flicker, ensure it’s retired by checking that it has about ¼ inch of wax remaining at the base of the glass. 

Step Two: After the candle solidifies, use a spoon to scoop out the remaining wax. While our soy wax candles are eco-friendly, be kind to your pipes and don’t let the remaining wax go down the kitchen sink drain to avoid clogging. 

Step Three: Next, prepare to remove the wick by filling the glass with ½ inch of hot water, not boiling. Wait for two minutes until the wick loosens, then use a spoon to gently pop out the wick and wick sticker from the bottom of the glass. 

Step Four: After removing the candle wax, you may need to remove any leftover wax residue on the glass. Dampen a paper towel or cotton balls with rubbing alcohol and wipe the inside thoroughly, removing any wax remnants. 

Step Five: The final step in transforming your candle glass into chic drinkware is to simply hand wash the glass with dish soap and water, and then enjoy. It’s worth noting that our printed glassware is hand-wash only in order to preserve the designs. 

From pet silhouettes to festive holiday motifs, the beautiful glass that once contained your favorite candle will have a new life in just a few steps. Your new Reusable Rocks Glass will continue playing a part in your life’s favorite moments for years to come!