Gifts for Your Parents

Gifts for Your Parents_Scripted Fragrance

Gift shopping for parents can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task, especially as we grow older. How do we measure up to the love and life they’ve given us? Thoughtfully crafted to evoke love and nostalgia, Scripted Fragrance candles offer a meaningful way to convey our appreciation, showing our parents that we understand them, value them, and love them for who they are.

Goldendoodle Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Pet Collection

If your parents will never be empty nesters because of the furry members of the family, our Pet Collection is perfect for them. These candles celebrate our most beloved companions with scents inspired by cats, horses, rescue animals and dog breeds. From Goldendoodles to French Bulldogs to Dachshunds or a mix, these candles are sure to highlight their one-of-a-kind personality.

Harvest Bouquet Autumn Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance


Harvest Bouquet Autumn Soy Candle

If your parents’ home is always impeccably decorated to match the season, our Harvest Bouquet Autumn Soy Candle is the ideal choice. Its notes of bright citrus, autumn spices, and deep musk will beautifully accentuate their decor and its Reusable Rocks Glass will become a staple in their fall and winter collection. 

Garden Lover Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Garden Lover Soy Candle

Whether they have a green thumb or enjoy the ambiance of a few potted plants, our Garden Lover candle is a perfect gift. Its fragrant notes of a blooming bouquet of sweet magnolia and freesia paired with bright lemon, fresh-cut grass, and rich garden soil embodies nature’s beauty and instills a sense of tranquility.

Lake Lover Soy Candle

If your dad’s fishing tales get more elaborate with each passing year, our Lake Lover Soy Candle is for him. Its notes of white birch, crisp cypress, flowering lavender, and crackling campfire will transport him back to those cherished days by the water and remind him of some of his favorite moments.

Prayer & Peace Soy Candle_Scripted Fragrance

Prayer & Peace Soy Candle

For parents who include you in their daily prayers, our Prayer & Peace candle is a wonderful way to honor those moments of serenity. Its fragrance of fresh eucalyptus and soothing lavender with notes of fresh citrus and deep amber create an atmosphere ideal for deep thought and soulful connection.

Show your appreciation and love to your parents this holiday season with the gift of peace and nostalgia.